Perspectives and potentialities of the JGI DOE Fungal - Omics Resource

The purpose of this workshop is to learn about the opportunities and capabilities of the Joint Genome Institute Department Of Energy (JGI DOE US) computational infrastructure and its extensive experience in generation, management, dissemination, and interpretation of large datasets, allowing to develop fungal -omics researches for large and complex sequencing projects, even normally beyond the scope of local university core or commercial sequencing services.

Talks on recently approved and on-going large projects will be given to show how combining new sequencing technologies and comparative genomics analysis to get insights across the broad phylogenetic and ecological diversity of fungi and translate the genomic potential of fungi into practical applications. The workshop, in its overall, has been conceived to be of high interest and inspiration for all attendees at ECFG15.


    • Igor Grigoriev – Fungal Genomics Program Lead, DOE Joint Genome Institute. Talk title “JGI Fungal Genomics Resources and Calls for Proposals”
    • Scott Baker –  Team Lead Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, responsible of the FICUS JGI-EMSL calls. Talk title “Beyond the genome: Accelerating fungal biology research at the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory”
    • Laura Selbmann – University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy. Talk title “Shed Light in The daRk lineagES of the Fungal Tree Of Life (FTOL)” STRES
    • Joseph Spatafora – Oregon State University. Talk title “Phylogenomics of the secretome of zygomycete fungi”

20/02/2020 15:30/17:45

Laura Selbmann