Abstracts Guidelines

We invite you to submit abstracts to ECFG15.
Abstracts Submission Deadline: 30th October 2019

Abstract Submission Information

  • Abstracts may be submitted for oral or poster presentations, in English only, using the On-Line Abstract Submission Form
  • Each participant can submit max two abstracts
  • You can edit your abstract until the submission deadline, however, once submitted, you will not have access any longer to the abstract
  • Notifications to presenting authors will be sent by 30th November 2019
  • Registration of the presenting author is mandatory
  • The scientific program and abstracts will be published online on this website after the end of the conference. Submission of the abstract constitutes the authors’ consent to such publication.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Before you start the abstract submission process, please read and prepare all necessary information detailed below.

The on-line Abstract Submission Form includes the following parts:

Step 1:  Presenting author’s contact details

Insert the name of the presenting author, i.e., first name and last name, institution, department, city, state, country, your order number and email.

Part 2: Number of Abstracts

Choose if you want to submit one or two abstracts.

Step 3 / 6: Presentation type

Select from:

  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation
  • Oral and Poster

Please note that for the satellite workshops, it is possible to choose the poster option only for SW1 Asperfest17.

Step 4 / 7: Topic

Please select from the list below, the topic that you think best suits your presentation.


Concurrent sessions:

  1. Cell biology & Genetic
    • Development and morphogenesis
    • Cell regulation and signaling
    • Primary and secondary metabolism
    • Genome, chromatin and epigenetics
    • Omics & bioinformatic
  2. Fungal Host Interactions
    • Animal – fungi interactions
    • Plant – fungi interactions
    • Antifungal and fungicides
  3. Evolution and molecular ecology
    • Evolution
    • Molecular taxonomy & phylogenomics
    • Applied and environmental microbiology
    • Synthetic biology and biotechnology


Satellite Workshops:

  • SW1 Asperfest17
  • SW2 Fusarium
  • SW3 Trichoderma
  • SW4 Colletotrichum
  • SW5 Neurospora crassa

Step 5 / 8: Abstract details

  • Other Authors’ Names and Affiliations:
    Insert the details of other authors as per step 1, in the order that they should appear in the program book.
  • Title:
    Limited to 150 characters. Use Sentence case (as in the list of topics above – only the first character in the sentence is capitalized, except for specific rules).
  • Body:
    • Limited to 2000 characters including references.
    • Abbreviations must be defined upon first use and avoided in the title.
    • Copy & paste your abstract into the abstract area or type it in directly.

Step 9: Preview

Most important: proofread your abstract and insert/format special characters that may have been corrupted in the copy & paste process. You can navigate to previous pages by using the Back button on your browser. After proofreading the abstract, click “SUBMIT”.

End Message

After you click SUBMIT, an automatic e-mail “End Message” will indicate that the abstract was successfully submitted.

Save and Continue later

During the submission process, you can always save a draft of your abstract, clicking on the “Save and Continue later” button. If you want to use this option, please first include your e-mail address, to receive a link to access again to the draft and complete the submission. Note that the link will expire after 90 days and in any case, on 30 September 2019.