Plenary Session

Tuesday, February 18

Plenary Session 1

Main Topic: Cell Biology & Genetic
Location: Centro Congressi Frentani – Room: Auditorium – Time: 9:45-12:45
Chairs: Andrea Genre – University of Turin, Nancy Keller – University of Wisconsin

The genetics of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal FungiNicolas CorradiUniversity of Ottawa
A Toxic Arrangement: Subcellular Compartmentalization of Sesquiterpene Mycotoxin SynthesisCorby KistlerUniversity of Minnesota
Aspergillus fumigatus signal transduction mechanisms for secondary metabolism production and self-protectionGustavo Henrique GoldmanUniversidade de São Paulo
Kind recognition regulates social behavior in fungiLouise GlassUniversity of California
Cell Wall dynamics in the control of cell growth and morphogenesisNicolas MincInstitut Jacques Monod
Wednesday, February 19

Plenary Session 2

Main Topic: Fungal-Host Interactions
Location: Centro Congressi Frentani – Room: Auditorium – Time: 9:45-12:45
Chairs: Matteo Lorito – Università di Napoli Federico II, Antonio Di Pietro – Universidad de Cordoba

Structure, evolution, and functions of the Arabidopsis root mycobiotaStéphane HacquardMax Planck Institute
Pathogen-secreted effectors: host subversion and …. what elseBart P.H.J. ThommaWageningen University & Research
Rhizosphere interactions:
the plant, the pathogen .... and the hitchhiker
David TurràUniversità di Napoli Federico II
Cross kingdom small RNA trafficking between plants and fungal pathogensHailing JinUniversity of California
Natural diversity in the predatory behavior facilitates the establishment of a new robust model strain for nematode-trapping fungiYen-Ping HsuehAcademia Sinica
Thursday, February 20

Plenary Session 3

Main Topic: Evolution & Molecular Ecology
Location: Centro Congressi Frentani – Room: Auditorium – Time: 9:45-12:45
Chairs:  Eva H Stukenbrock – Max Planck Institute, Silvano Onofri – University of Tuscia

Genomics and the making of biodiversity across the budding yeast subphylumAntonis RokasVanderbilt University
The link between sexual and vegetative (in)compatibility in fungal speciationHanna JohannessonUppsala University
The evolution of mycorrhizal genomes and transcriptomesAnnegret KohlerInstitute National Recherche Agronomique
Evolution of secondary metabolite diversity in fungiDaren W. BrownUSDA ARS NCAUR
Soil fungal responses to global changeMatthias C. RilligFreie Universität Berlin